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  • 12 Eylül 2014, Cuma 09:07

Healing can not find in Albania and Greece was found in Turkey

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Starting with nasal congestion in Turkey after disturbance over Albania and Greece .

İstanbul news: Albanian young Renato Vogl , nose in the tumor surgically intervention that Turkey's learned and incision endoscopic surgery nasal tumors survived .
In Albania , started in Greece ongoing in Turkey and the treatment ends with Renato Voglia therapy 15 years began in Albania in Greece continued , but could not get a result . Vogl as a last resort came to Turkey Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is in incision surgery disease survived.
Vogl , nasal obstruction and epistaxis with complaints in Albania admitted in hospitals, where the examination and intervention results alamayınca went to Greece . Is a tumor behind his nose and was told I needed to intervene . Had surgery , but complaints continued to increase . Vogl came to Turkey as a last resort , Hisar Intercontinental Hospital after the first examination and the examination should be operated learned .
Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Ear, Nose, Throat , Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Typhoon Apuh held in Greece , the patient is said to have found that surgery yet . Apuh that said:\"19-year-old patient on us nasal obstruction and bleeding complaints came up with . Albania age of 15 who have been examined . Then complaints not exceed the went to Greece and where the patient is a small operation done said it . However, we examinations and tests in our patients to do the operation made saw . examination and MRI of our patients nose behind the nose and sinuses blood supply main veins on these main arteries fed from about 3.5 cm in size, brain , nasal area and the eyes that print had a tumor . tumor intervention had not , continue to grow and the surrounding tissues to pressure and nose bleeds as well as the sinuses, brain tissue and eyes , scroll , bone tissue dissolving serious damage could cause would . surgery any problems and our patient as comfortable as possible the tumor to recover from the first Department of Radiology embolization method feeding the tumor main vessel covered the . So stop feeding the tumor prevent the risk of bleeding during surgery have very serious . In the past this was done by opening the surgery the patient's palate . Both recovery time was more difficult both to ensure the patient's comfort . In this surgery we endoscopic method ; reducing the risk of bleeding , we distinguish them from the surrounding tissue tumors without incisions . The patient's vital organs such as the brain , and we avoid adversely affected tumor in an operation under general anesthesia cleaned approximately 2.5 hours . After surgery, patients have received our service and provides a comfortable way to circumvent the process şifayl've discharged . We did our last nasal obstruction , the patient is completely eliminated health and life , we have reaffirmed that can continue . \"

Healing can not find in Albania and Greece was found in Turkey" comments for.


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