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  • 15 Aralık 2013, Pazar 16:04

Health Affairs Coordinator Candan:

Health Affairs Coordinator Candan:
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A-LIFE INC. cordially Health Affairs Coordinator Mustafa abroad with their health care also said they want to be recognized.

Ankara news: -LIFE A. Chi for Health Affairs Coordinator Mustafa cordially abroad with their health care also said they want to be recognized.
in the world in the health sector stressed that the current figure of 100 billion dollars Mustafa Candan,'' our country in order to get a share of this pie on the instructions of former Health Minister Recep Akdag Health Tourism Coordinator was established. In 2006, Turkey became acquainted with Health Tourism. Earlier in the DR. Dursun Aydin, headed by a Health Tourism Association was established. Sector and the state, as well as the association has taken steps forward that period. International Health Tourism Congress in arranging health care for our country was taken a number of steps. Ministry of Economy is very important for health tourism investment incentives and support for the industry's major contribution has been in progress. They, as well as in health tourism in many destination countries have been determined, especially the Turkish Republics, Africa, the Gulf States, Europe and the U.S. industry's target markets are selected,'' he said.
Ease visa must
They also-LIFE as a company in the health sector is no incentive without their own means, African and Gulf countries target market they chose, adding Candan said:
'' Country in poor health due to Turkey from abroad to receive health services for Patients coming for visa facilitation to ensure our country in the health sector of the pie more and bigger share of the pie fall of means."
Legal transplants LEGISLATION REVIEW must
Legally performed organ transplants Referring to Mustafa cordially continued his speech was :'' O rgen transplants interest of the patients with the application according to the legislation of a Turkish citizen organ of a foreign citizen can not be exported, transmitted not. Legally this is not possible due to organ transplantation in need patients required transfusions done because either losing their lives, or they illegally remedy you are seeking. these two important issues in order to avoid at Organ Transplantation still prevailing regulations of the revised and re-arranging, and patients is an important step would be, as well as the health sector in the revival of important plays a role.''
private health institutions should be opened in front
complete'' which will meet the needs of today's healthcare sector private hospitals and private health care are cordially speaking,'' he continued as follows:
'' private hospitals and private health organizations pave the way in health tourism administered to the patient full range of services and timely fulfillment means. Right now, today, health tourism lifeline, private hospitals and private health institutions. these organizations world health market giants can compete with that pricing policy and service quality of the sector eyeballs are. course in health revolutionary giant steps in the Prime Minister for years by being laid. university and in a state hospital quality of service rendered by the day is increasing. private health organizations also pave the way, providing support to the economy more , at higher levels of income sources will provide. private health care provider about the official BUYING PROCEDURE of the Ministry of Health by accelerating the economically difficult situation with private health institutions in which they disembarrass and for a moment before services timely and fulfillment will provide. private health care provider about the legal regulations taken urgently, ahead of the opening of the health quality of services also will increase. Abroad in Africa and in the Gulf countries only food and a sequence not by as Turkey in health in our services also to be recognized, fingered want to.''

Health Affairs Coordinator Candan:" comments for.


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