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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 10:49

Health from the patient's own blood:Prp

Health from the patient's own blood:Prp
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Contains many healing substances in the blood that developed from this aspect of the musculoskeletal system with the PRP method was reported to be in the treatment of many diseases .

Adana news: In many healing agent containing the blood of this feature developed utilizing PRP method musculoskeletal in the treatment of many diseases has been reported.
PRP 's English Platelet Rich Plasma words of the initials , an acronym formed , indicating that the Baskent University Adana application and Research Center of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department doctors Assoc. Dr. . Mehmet Adam, \"In this method, a person's own blood has been collected, minutes, 3 thousand 600 rpm speed centrifugation are translated . Above the yellow colored human plasma , blood clotting platelets in the blood of the excess comprises\"he said. Assoc. Dr. . Man, \"in plasma platelets to activate various chemicals added, then the patient's aching to needle are given. This way damaged tissue to repair is accelerated ,\"he said .
Assoc. Dr. . Mehmet Adam, PRP, most use cases in the following way listed:
\"PRP is commonly used in musculoskeletal diseases Among the housewives more common shoulder pain that tendinitis, muscle tears, again, housewives, athletes and wrist using more heavy-duty employees seen in tennis elbow , golfer's elbow , soccer players often seen as osteitis pubis and Achilles tendinitis and later in life everyone can be seen in knee degeneration are . \"
PRP application based on the severity of the disease , is being implemented save 1-3 times Assoc. Dr. . Mehmet Adam , his speech continued:\"Inter-application up to 2-3 weeks time must be found. PRP, a known side effect is absent. One's own blood with the application is performed allergic response probability is not present. Caution should be an issue , sterility. Joint Entering if necessary should be performed under sterile conditions . certainly a competent, PRP should be performed by physicians with experience . you will never have the risk of infection in the painful area should not be done . \"
Assoc. Dr. . Mehmet Adam, at the end of his speech , \"that we use as a medicine known or unknown chemical drugs and considering the many side effects , side effects of PRP therapy offers us ,\"he said .

Health from the patient's own blood:Prp" comments for.


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