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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 18:23

Health Minister Müezzinoğlu in Rize

Health Minister Müezzinoğlu in Rize
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RIZE (UAV)-Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu Rize came to include a series of investigations .

Rize news:
First Minister Müezzinoğlu visiting the Governorship of Rize , Rize Governor signed the book of honor . Valier you can decorate and print here the Minister of Rize , where a basket of food products was a gift. Müezzinoğlu showing the bottle in the basket was asked what it was . The printer jam that bottle at the same time likap Rize Anza products of well-known products found in honey , he said. Ministers asked whether it was on the basket honey . Specifies whether the printer is in the basket by the Minister Müezzinoğlu honey , \"May we then let's not hospitalized ,\"he said . His statement has caused a smile .
Printer will then get the printer to the office of Governor , where he received a briefing from him . Governor printer in Rize province health institutions Artvin offer services at a level that express and Rize's health in small numbers deficiency to be said .
Minister Müezzinoğlu small deficiencies evil to annul correct their direction jokes , making \"Rize symbolic problems remain , I believe . Rizeli countrymen offense , but the eyes to break the symbolic , some deficiencies remain in beneficial .'m scared nazar he'd be . veal good nicer want to do . Versa deficiencies today, this assessment will do. Amenity our hands to the extent provide support , \"he said . < br/> Ministers Müezzinoğlu about 1 hour after the medical staff had a meeting closed to the press . Rize State Hospital still closed to the press and then toured .

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