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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:49

Health Professionals CHP has had visits

Health Professionals CHP has had visits
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Keske depending Health and Social Workers Union (SES) managers and members, CHP Eskişehir voiced demands and problems by visiting the provincial government .

Eskişehir news: CHP Party Assembly Member Prof. Dr. Gaye Usluer, demands , he said the message to lawmakers in the budget commission. Happy Yalcin speaking SES Branch during
visit, the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, covering the 2015-2018 period \"Priority Transformation Programme\"s \"of the real economy \"section recalling that explain , from their the two also said that covers the health care field. Happy, \"by giving the private sector trillion in loans, making any investment public, understanding who removes his hand from the public , paves the way for private health care provider with manufacturing and health tourism. Their people surcharge, contribution to that share , surgical materials and needs payment , surcharge area of medicine, not the development of power which paved the way for wage examination in public , puts hands of the citizen's pocket , \"he said. Photo from Budget at SES Branch mentioning happily, the Ministry's budget grew as it may seem you are transferred to the private sector , this increase , no investment can not be made ​​to the public , do campus hospital He also suggested the special will be transferred . Happy, \"both representations citizens , workers and there is no laborers . Encourage Capital , more profit , which means new surplus areas. We do not endorse the public sector workers program and budget. We want our share . You will meet on November 20, the opposition party committee and budget we want you to express our demands in the negotiations , \"he said . Photo Usluer:\"< strong> HEALTH marketisation \"demands a Photo laborers and listened to the problems of health CHP Party Assembly member Professor Dr. If Gayer Usluer , emphasizing that a sanitarian in itself , \"Health was marketisation . We are passing through a system where Labor's hiçleştiril . AKP's policies ,'until health care money ,\"he said , \"he said .
Health stressed that a system of subcontracting CHP Party Assembly Member Usluer include the said:Photo \"a system of workers in subcontracted the majority . employees are precarious , there is a position that did not know how many hours to work. a person working in the sub-contractor working at a day trash is another day in the operating room . Citizens are seen as customers. at this time , much of the money health care you see. We'll be behind it as CHP. by moving assembly your problem is, I promise to communicate the deputy officer friend of the commission. \"

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