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  • 14 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 16:30

Health science high school, vocational school instead of

Health science high school, vocational school instead of
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Many students work hard to enter the field enough points to get into the high school science students, high school health profession I chose to be a nurse.

meets the needs of nurses and health care health professional schools, graduates find jobs so easy to draw much attention. Merve Demirel, who graduated from Central Middle School Hasandağı Aksaray, many students had made great efforts to enter the received enough points to get into high school science, health vocational high school, but he chose to be a nurse. By choosing a single Korkmaz Hüseyin Cahit Demirel Anadolu Health Vocational High School enrolled 468 points.

Demirel said,"Normally, science, able to go to high school, but I chose to be a nurse here. single choice I made, I came here."he said.

Merve Demirel Demirel, Sadat's father and his parents, did not do any pressure to choose, respect for choice what they wanted, the profession is the natural right of the work itself, he said.

Aksaray Hüseyin Cahit Mountain Malik said Korkmaz Anatolian Vocational High School of Health, in general, the interest in health professions schools has increased each year, he said. Dagli, students and parents said they preferred the okulları'garanti meslek'düşüncesiyle, said:"The staff shortage in the health field have a lot of other high school graduates of vocational high schools and health care, and many college graduates find employment due to a much shorter period than those with high schools The interest is growing every day. 250 thousand nurses are on duty in hospitals in Turkey. European Union (EU) standards need to be 400 thousand nurses, and therefore has a lot of need for 150 thousand nurses. Students and their families are aware of this situation. too many nursing students to be deficit allows one to more easily find a job after graduation."

Health science high school, vocational school instead of" comments for.


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