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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:56

Health-Sen, President of Text Memiş:\"Now's Will Nations Fund reflected \"

Health-Sen, President of Text Memiş:\
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Health and Social Service Employees Union ( Health-Sen ) Kütahya Branch of the 4th Ordinary General Meeting of Cinar Hotel in Health-Sen was held with the participation of the President of text Memiş .

Kütahya news: Photo Congress AK Party Central District Chairman Sebahet you Ceyhan , Family and Social Policies Provincial Director Omer Turan was attended by delegates and guests . Photo Health-Sen, President of Text Memiş, of developments in health and the changes that the new Turkey accompanied with the objective of he said. New era in the nation demonstrates its will and Memiş it also made ​​that expresses all kinds of business and transactions occur in \"Turkey in the voting for our friend member around 150 thousand . In this sense, the interest they have shown during the election of delegates , they have added to this process and the process of shifting positive providing they are due to branch president recognition, a board member of my colleagues, I thank you for your peace delegate to my friends. of course, the establishment of democracy in this country was not easy . especially since the 1960s, played a some games every 10 years on the nation in this country after the transition to multiparty era . But on behalf of democracy in the last 12 years , the nation will of important steps have been taken on behalf of the reflected to the polls . we woke up with a new Turkey slogan on August 11 morning, Turkey. the new Turkey in the coming days Officer-Sen's democratic understanding of democracy and belief in human rights, human I believe that the contribution of respect . Officer-Sen trade unionism as we move to a different point . The greatest contribution to this process, the Officer-Sen family as a nation to be reflected in the polls will and to find the end of the game played on a nation , we have responded with , \"he said . Memiş indicates the beginning of a serious transformation in
Health , \"the health workers need to benefit from this transformation. So I need kavuşturulmaları to personal rights. In particular, health professionals need to eliminate the violence. We give it as a trade union struggle . We brought a new dimension to trade unionism. Our philosophy is , solution-oriented approach. Ebetor will be reached, when it comes to the challenge and will be used in place of democratic rights. Using also required. Democratic response must be given . Problem is not responsible unionism trade unionism got to do . Since 2009, we have achieved a lot of gain. What , where, when you arrive at the results you know you want to . You know this, you have to be solution-oriented. We get results in our studies on health, \"he said .

Health-Sen, President of Text Memiş:\"Now's Will Nations Fund reflected \"" comments for.


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