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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:52

Health-Sen President Reassures

Health-Sen President Reassures
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Health-you Nigde Branch 3 Ordinary General Assembly was held .

Niğde news: Where two candidates compete in the general assembly of 106 delegates voting area 83 game Ridvan YEŞİLDAL current president re-elected president. The other candidate , Dr. Faik Serdar Aydin received the 24 votes . 1 votes were ruled invalid .
Nigde Teachers'Meeting that took place in dry AK Party Nigde Deputy Omar Cypress Provincial General Assembly President Mahmoud Cash , health-sen , Deputy Chairman Mustafa example , Nigde Mayor Rifat Özkan and delegates attended.
Health-you Nigde Branch President Ridvan YEŞİLDAL established his speech , the general Assembly's Health-sen locomotive next journey milestone as providing the utmost importance to have said.
Yeşildaş:'in our country, public health, labor, giving 400 thousand health employees to deliver services to our people has been working furiously to . A superhuman effort to deliver health care services, labor not reveal an understanding of life continues to walk . In exchange for this sacrifice , maybe they do not get compensated for their labor . However, 75 million of our people receive the blessings . Including in particular the health of our employees receive the reward of the laborer's labor have been building the dream of a world where'he said.
Selection of the speeches started. 112 delegates at the Health-you Nigde Branch 106 delegates voted. This is Ridvan 83'n of votes in Yeşild Dr. Faik Serdar Aydin received the 24 votes . In the first vote was declared invalid. Health Ridvan YEŞİLDAL current president re-elected president you Nigde Branch .

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