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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:06

Healthy Eating Reduce Negative Effects of the person with

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Nutrition and Diet Expert Mary Rose , \"The high protein foods strengthen the immune system , should not be missing from the table .

Nutrition and Diet Expert Mary Guler , \"strengthen the immune system high protein foods , tableware missing from should not be . Additionally snack frequency and the meals in the fruit consumption , improve to 2-3 cups of herbal tea , and energy balance in both body resistance increases \"he said.
the weather is getting cold , influenza infections occur frequently in the fall and winter months proper and healthy diet is of great importance in increasing the resistance of the body . Acibadem Hospital Ankara Nutrition and Diet Expert Mary Rose feeding the body resistance on the effects gave detailed information .
Cold weather fluid consumption as fruit and vegetable consumption also need to give weight Gul stated that , \"The terms of health is very helpful . Particular, strengthen the immune system protein high food , table missing from should not be . additionally snack frequency and the meals in the fruit consumption , improve to 2-3 cups of herbal tea , and energy balance in both body resistance increases . especially high protein foods to consume the immune system is strengthened. During the day, a meal of meat or poultry , fish food ingestion and body against cold protects both immune cells immune system strengthens , \"he said .
on the table should be the nature and the seasons should be determined by underlines Rose , \"The winter season of vitamin A and antioxidant-rich cauliflower, leek , cabbage, broccoli, carrots , radishes, lettuce consumed in abundance is required. Because they contain antosiyanidin , compounds called flavonols ; carcinogenic and radioactive substances from air pollution effectively preventing the negative effects of free radicals in the body . In this case, from the table of olive oil, cauliflower , leeks , minced kapuska plenty of radish and carrot salad is worth not missing . But cooking them in shape can also change the resistance of the body . If a food contains more fat than they should be taking it to lose weight , rapid weight gain causes the body to reduce resistance . So if used in eating meat , as well as with the addition of oil . If you made ​​with olive oil, olive oil during cooking , but adds after cooking , such as salads should be placed . This is the weight balances both olive oil spoiling our body ensures the body resistance is increasing , \"he said.
especially of the immune system to protect itself C, E vitamin A is very important and Gul said , \"The vitamin C effective antivirus that provides suppression of the virus that causes the disease ; also neutralize bacterial toxins that poison brings. Most orange, tangerine citrus fruits such as green leafy herbs like parsley is in with . From exposure to stab them , washed immediately after receiving the best way to defeat their body makes . The best antioxidant, vitamin E, cell membrane strengthens immunity by protecting against foreign substances . In particular, the consumption of bread made from whole wheat flour and intermediate walnuts, almonds , nuts, dried fruit , such as increasing intake of vitamin E ingestion . However dried fruit to be eaten by hiding in a cool and dry place when breaking, oxidation of fatty acids is important for . Winter citrus fruits , vegetables also cauliflower, cabbage and leeks necessarily need to be consumed . In addition, the immune cells in the dense chestnut starch gives energy and reducing the desire to eat sweets , refined sugar intake is blocked. The importance of each food group are separate to the body . To summarize, the meat-legumes , milk, bread, fruit and vegetables and fat foods have a group of five varieties including group . Et group and milk group rich protein and riboflavin, zinc, iron mineral substances content when the building blocks of immune cells ; group of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals that protect the cells . Bread group is the source of B vitamins , particularly for energy and body resistance is preventing the fall , \"he said .

Healthy Eating Reduce Negative Effects of the person with" comments for.


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