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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:14

Hearing Impaired , Elazig of Hosts

Hearing Impaired , Elazig of Hosts
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Hearing Impaired Football Team Municipality of Manavgat , Turkey Hearing Impaired 3. Super League championship match of the week on Sunday at 12.00 in Colakli area in one of the most powerful candidate Elazig Hearing Impaired Football Team will play .

Antalya news: Photo Elazığ Municipality stating that many of the most powerful team in the league that have national athletes in the team of the team Hearing Impaired Club President Hasan Hüseyin Aydın said, \"Our players will be going to court was aware of this . By taking the necessary precautions would like to get their own field and spectator Our front points and points. The league's first match we have defeated the arduous journey after unluckily match we play Rize representative 2-1. last week we found their field has in the last 2 years match we play Turkey champion Sefaköy Hearing Impaired team morale defeated 2-1. our goal is defeated Elazig Beledispor located in the upper row . Elazığ encounter at last year's injured leg Sefaköy Hasan Yildirim with a penalty Moses could not play boss . first Criminal ending Kamil Spring this match will be on the field . 2014-2015 our Manavgat Municipality in the season we do not have the problems we have experienced in recent years , as he was with our team . this subject to our mayor Shukri said the president and help us thank Aydin Oz , \"he said . Vice President Photo Manavgat Municipality Aydin Self is as Manavgat Municipality Hearing Impaired said they support their utmost to the football team , \"the most important for the moment missing support of fans . Last week hearing citizens with disabilities and their families did not have proper crowd outside . We will remove free bus day for sports fans in front of the county public library market. Manavgatl sports fans are also encouraged to support the team, \"he said.

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