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  • 02 Ocak 2013, Çarşamba 12:50

Heart patients should be careful in cold weather

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Increasing the risk of heart attack 3 times in cold weather.

3-fold increase risk of heart attack in cold weather. Experts sublingual pills do heart patients to take with them when going out in cold weather, he said.

heart patients of life forms on cold winter days depending on the season schedule, get warm and shown to hastalanmamak care, heart health, also shown. Heart and Vascular Surgeon Azmi extracts, cold weather gave information about how to protect heart health. Extracts saying that the direct effect of cold air on the heart,"In the past, even in people who do not know that heart disease may have chest pains. Effect of all this pain is due to spasm of the cold air. Often is the most important causes of heart attacks in the winter, cold weather induced shrinkage of blood vessels, spasm movement and decrease in winter. seen 3 times more heart attacks in the winter than in the summer months and is known lethal."he said.

heart patients to keep warm is not true that the closure of home Extracts, following proposal:"Cardiac patient in the open air and the exhaust fumes away from the 30-45 minutes of brisk walking should be done lightly. It should be brisk walks do. 20-30 minute walks each day will be very beneficial to the corridor of the house. cardiac patients, while in winter, the street next to the doctor is important that the sublingual tablets or sprays do. People feel a difference in the event a suitable place at the right fit and medicine must use."

Heart patients should be careful in cold weather" comments for.


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