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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:07

'Heartless life of luxury one would say Esma'

'Heartless life of luxury one would say Esma'
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Providing information about the sources of the Assad family, Asma al-Assad says only interested in living in luxury.

Bashar al-Assad's former adviser, Ayman Abdel Nur

Asma Assad found interesting about the allegations.
Nur:"What's obsessed with looks so elegant and beautiful. single thing he cares about"

Syria in the ongoing civil war for more than two and a half according to the United Nations more than 100 thousand people were killed and more than 2 million people had become asylum seekers. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's wife Asma al-Assad issues come up too far from the dark side of the war continues. Once Sticky Thread"Desert Rose"During the war known as the first lady's previously appeared in Prague, had ordered 270 thousand pounds sterling chandeliers 38-year-old Asma al-Assad recently filed on behalf of the President of the Syrian Instagram'daki commemorated in photographs published account. Asma al-Assad to weaken the arm for photographs wearing a bracelet was imported. Before the uprising began in March 2011,"modern"image to the world as the face of his wife Asma al-Assad is now in Damascus, with the face of the agenda adopted. Close to the names of the British regime in Damascus told the Mail on Sunday, Sticky Thread"on a regular basis allows you to Western dishes. Third child does not want to constantly nourishment Syrian cuisine" he said.


Sabah a source,"Asma al-Assad is now wherever he goes next three Republican guard. Western press to see any news circulating on the internet or blocked. Because it depresses news about the crisis in Syria,"he said. Bashar al-Assad is the former adviser Ayman Abdel Nur Sticky Thread"Family Syria believes that governs over the years. Increase the family fortune and wealth, holding hands, particularly interested in the topic. Hafez's son wants to be sure to be president one day. This cause his son for a while undercover in a school in Switzerland or the UK even considering educate" says. Nur, Asma al-Assad on the recently-acquired things, Sticky Thread"Asma al-Assad is one heartless. Is obsessed with how it looks elegant and beautiful. Continues to live a life of luxury. The only thing he cares about" he said. Studying in London for a while banking area and the Asma al-Assad, Bashar al-Assad in 2000, married in a secret wedding in London met with. Couple, have 3 children, including a daughter.

ESED was better than if it remained DOCTOR '

father, Hafez al-Assad, then the seat of the President of Syria in 2000 sitting at Bashar al-Assad, the possible intervention of the U.S. and the world due to the civil war in the country does not fall agenda. Britain's Daily Mail newspaper in the next 18 months internship in 1992, his ophthalmologist Assad spoke with Edmund Schulenburg. Assad in London in 2002 and 2005, In Syria, Schulenburg met a doctor who told me:Sticky Thread"Bashar al-Assad is very talented. A wounded micro-surgical imposed. One is the head of state did not understand the leader's son. Definitely not arrogant. Technology-related. Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, he listened. Very polite. But it was not one of the strongest. Now I think it is a strong leader. Sticky Thread that time will be better off as a doctor Beşar'a bakıp'Bu children ' , I remember thinking."

'Heartless life of luxury one would say Esma'" comments for.


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