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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:12

Heaven Diamond Manufacturer's face smile

Heaven Diamond Manufacturer's face smile
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Honaz persimmon grown in the district of Denizli , producers contribute 8 million.

Denizli news: Photo persimmon Persimmon generally known as Turkey, laugh in the face of the manufacturer Honaz County this year . Meet the needs of half of Turkey's persimmon persimmon harvest was started in Honaz . District-wide average of 2 thousand 400 square meters in area and 12 thousand tons of annual crops grown persimmon , according to data obtained in 2013 , it took its place among the region's major agricultural inputs after the cherries and grapes. Indicating that Honaz and around last year 12 thousand tons near persimmon grown District of Food , Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Director Umran Cetin, this year said they anticipate that exceed this figure . Photo Muhittin involved in fruit trading Honaz if Yeşilpınar , expected the harvest this year they had hoped would be over , depending on the quality of the product in the domestic market has found buyers in wholesale 80 cents and $ 1 , said that they sell in foreign markets as export products for several years. Most Ankara of persimmon , Antalya and Yeşilpınar stating consumed in İzmir , \"fruits grown here goes out of various cities and abroad in Turkey. A large part of the exports made ​​in Russia. Besides, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Azerbaijan in export done, \"he said. Honaz Mayor indicating that the production of Photo persimmon in Turkey take place in Honaz half Turgut Devecioğlu said,\"Honaz in all kinds of products are grown other than citrus. fruit production during the year ended with cherries start persimmon melting. our fertile land in the region of 12-15 thousand tons of persimmon produced and contributes to the county's economy £ 8-9 million , \"he said .

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