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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:13

Heavy Rainfall Caused Landslide in Rize

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Since late last night in Rize effective torrential rains caused landslides.

Rize news: Photo Rize effective starting in the late evening that day we torrential rains across the province today continued its effects until the morning. Ceaseless rains caused landslides. According to information obtained , as a result of small-scale landslide occurred ; Çayeli District Elm, Latifl of Moussa Dagh and Kestanelik village roads were closed . Nut hunters in town, and bound up in Güneysu District İslahiye Rize Central Dortyol village roads were closed due to landslides transportation . In Hemşin County Road closure occurred in a short period of time . Special Provincial Administration teams up Güneysu İslahiye , Central District Nurse Pazarköy and clearing the way for the small-scale landslide occurred in the road opened to vehicle transportation. Village residents dörtyol In their statement , in the village with the effects of heavy rainfall landslide that occurred at some point , the four houses is emptied , the Special Provincial Administration said it opened the way by the intervention of the team . Çayeli and road cleaning work in the district Nut continues.

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