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  • 15 Ocak 2013, Salı 12:33

HEC, because this password is hacked!

HEC, because this password is hacked!
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HEC is not difficult to guess the password used by its employees!

Higher Education President Çetinsaya, drying preliminary examination report explaining the cyber attack,'' the organizers of the attack left no traces behind"he said. Çetinsaya, HEC employees,"123456", such as using weak passwords, he said.

Higher Education Council (HEC) Chairman Prof. Dr. Gökhan Çetinsaya group of hackers, electronic sharing of HEC system RedHack'in hacklemesinin then spoke for the first time.

HEC employees"1,2,3,4,5,6"Çetinsaya who use weak passwords, such as,"the organizers of the attack left no traces behind,"he said.

INVESTIGATION OF TWO employees of Higher Education
Çetinsaya, has announced the launch investigation into cyber attack followed by two HEC employees.

Radikal newspaper documents issued by Gökhan Çetinsaya RedHack'in speaking, later covered, such as documents that have been swept under the carpet in the slideshow of dissatisfaction has been expressed.

Çetinsaya RedHack'in seized documents, news reports that they threatened journalists who reflect the reality of the saying,"Do not blame anyone, do not intend to sue,"he said.

before and Safety 's as well as the Ministry of Interior şifrelerinin'1, 2,3,4,5,6' was proposed that could easily hacklenebileceği.

Experts are most camped, working '
experienced and receivables relating to measures taken after the incident Çetinsaya HEC Chairman on the question of the event said they had started the necessary work on living by it.

Çetinsaya,'' at TUBITAK including experts from all relevant organizations are most camped here, working. Both events are analyzed and are working on the existing system and then work on all the measures necessary to prevent such an event,'' he said.

Çetinsaya voicing the investigation and that the errors be found,'' Disclosure of the things secretive and perhaps legal sense but in the end we buried the pain inside until the end of 3rd party things are not supposed to see. Already things that are part of the current work load. responsibility in the legal sense, because it is only things take to us,'' he said.

HEC Chairman Prof.
. Dr. Gökhan Çetinsaya, electronic document management systems suffer a cyber attack, then later covered by unlawful means, or stored in accessing the shared documents'' that documents '' said,'' Our task due notice of any kind from us, the investigation request them carefully, without distinction of any kind review and investigation process contexts. da'üniversiteler yolsuzluk'içinde stood here saying there's no point in my opinion,'' he said.
None in the secret documents

By 2013, the Board of Higher Education to support students entered the METU hours (HEC) RedHack hacking, HEC for the second time chosen destination.

HEC website hacking RedHack, published documents relating to corruption investigations carried out on some of the universities.

HEC Electronic Exchange System EBYS . ​​'s hacking group of universities, including 60 thousand documents seized in a secret phrase.

YÖK Notice and universities ranging from the tender documents, the student fee funds The claim that the banks had received in exchange for the luxury car rectors.

HEC, because this password is hacked!" comments for.


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