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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:35

Hello Vegetable Export Begins

Hello Vegetable Export Begins
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Western Mediterranean Exporters Union Chairman Mustafa Seller in a written statement, the export of western Mediterranean 8:53 percent as of 1 January 2014-31 October 2014 increase was reported that the 1 billion 326 million 251 thousand 658.04 reached USD .

Antalya news: Photo age of 425 million 119 thousand 864.19 states that remained the biggest exporter in the sector of the dollar and the Western Mediterranean Exporters Union Chairman fruit and vegetable sector Mustafa Seller explanation \"Hello started the season vegetable export in parallel with the start of vegetable production. season vegetables exports , which will intensify in the coming period, the region will continue to contribute to export \"gave expression to the place .
other hand, in October in Antalya, Isparta and stating Burdur of 129 million 515 thousand 388.88 dollars in exports took place said the seller description:Photo \"of the previous year in the region's exports in October was experienced so 3.95 decrease over the same period . Overall exports despite the reduction in the numbers of fresh fruits and vegetables and chemical industry was able to increase its exports . raised continuously export figures tree and October, the region's forest products industry indicating the success exceeding the $ 100 million mark the end of the 4th sector oldu.rusy Federation , the export of products in the region continued to be the most important market. Date between 1 January and 31 October 2014 increased by 6.74 percent , exports to the Russian Federation rose from $ 269 million 557 thousand 925.71 . Russian Federation 130 million 2.11 dollars in China , was followed by Germany with 85 million 44 thousand 98.62 dollars. \"In Photo Antalya-season representing the start of vegetable production Seller greenhouse in parallel to the realization of the harvest season vegetables , and early that began in export of vegetables , a further increase in the current-peak-season vegetables exports in November , along with a further increase of the concentration of exports in the month following the month of November is expected to highlight .

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