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Help and Cooperation Protocol from CTCI

Help and Cooperation Protocol from CTCI
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Karabük Commerce and Industry in Yenice by the Chamber of needy students while the aid apparel, signed a protocol on the other hand the scope of Hygiene Education .

Karabük news: Photo 5 July 2013 and dated 28 689 , which entered into gazette \"Hygiene Education\"under the Regulation Yenice District and Karabük Chamber of Commerce signed a protocol between the Presidency . Photo Yenice Governor Oguz Cem Murat and Karabük-Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Sedat Namal's involvement with the Hygiene Education, dangerous and very professional training who will run in its entirety jobs in dangerous class and business machines Cooperation Protocol was signed on course to be opened for driver education . covered
Protocol not connected to the Ministry of institutions and organizations with cooperation by adults and individuals with special educational needs , food production and retail businesses , food and beverage services in the service unit providing hygiene for those working in intended for human consumption flooded with natural mineral water producing work places and work is given to the cleaning service that comes in contact with the human body where education programs in the planning, training of granting , business owner , the operators and employees responsibilities in this respect , this work involved in trying to hamper infectious diseases and the identification of skin disease and related courses required training subjects with the procedures and principles regarding the determination of the case healing of these diseases and events will be held. Photo at the same time the employee businesses operating in hazardous and very hazardous work , the new staff will be employed in the manufacturing and service sectors , improving their professional qualifications in line with technological developments in production, the creation of the occupational Health and Safety Culture , ensuring compliance with occupational , vocational training courses , professional adaptation and development courses such as operations and to gain the knowledge and skills required by the profession , courses related to the principles and procedures for ensuring be certified and events will be held. Photo TSO Chairman of the Board , Sadat Namal, No. 6331 Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS ) published as dangerous and those working in very dangerous class located chores, doing that reminded me work-related training required to obtain introduced. Photo vocational training without the document according to the dangerous and OHS Act provisions of workers in dangerous jobs firms pointed out that confronted with enormous fines Namal, \"Businesses in working to improve the quality of manpower potential and better quality services as well as providing such a decision, give you the opportunity to refresh individual cats and improve their knowledge and skills on job security to be addressed first is one of the issues to . For this reason, business güveliği monitors the technological developments in occupational health and occupational field, who knows and can use this interest in production, familiar with the development needed in business is our goal to create qualified human resources , \"he said .
Training activities at the end of successful trainees Vocational and Technical Education Regulation \"Course Completion Certificate \"will be given to the indicating Sadat Namal ,''courses on weekdays in a way that does not disrupt the work of industrialist , weekends, theoretically and practically beyond daylight hours or overtime will be performed . eight hours no less than to Yenice multi-Program Anatolian High School coursework will be given for B Presidency members in the area . the staff starting work before January 1, 2013 will be given in the Ministry of Education institution with a minimum of 32 hours of training , dangerous and can receive certification can work in very dangerous work''he said. after the Photo Co-operation protocol and clothing assistance sent by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey TSO President Sadat was delivered to the Headmaster by Namal .


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