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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 18:23

Here are the confessions of the Virgin Mary Uzerli'nin bomb

Here are the confessions of the Virgin Mary Uzerli'nin bomb
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3 months pregnant, escaped told how and why the Magnificent Century Hürrem'i Turkey.

İNTERNETHABER - Magnificent Century in Hürrem karateriyle recognized Mary Uzerli Berlin Freedom author Ayse Arman la came together.

departure from the show, burnout syndrome, pregnancy, makes a striking description of each other on both the readers and the Uzerli Ayse Arman by surprise.


Uzerli'nin on the simplicity and naturalness of the interesting anektorlar Ayse Arman, who shared a long entry. Arman, Uzerli'nin" I'm stupid but good hearted! That's the truth ... Will you do it the title?" question "No, but you're so sweet!" as writing answers found a striking observation:

... No one offense, look I include myself as we are"weasel"is not. More pure. More outspoken. More uncounted. It really is.

Uzerli TURKEY directory, and why did you run?

believed in me

A friend of mine"seeking someone to a series,"he said, a 'showreel' sent did, they called me, Timurid and Meral 'le met. they believed would get through this role. trusted me. And everything began.

like a machine, I came WENT SETE

But Everything happened so quickly. Turkey occasionally, but constantly to live there ... uffff ... I was afraid I was going to come. But I'm here. went to the set, such as a machine, I'm here. hotel-business hotel-business, my friend did not have much.

able to resist THREE YEARS BUT

In fact, my terms was very good. well I've been staying in a hotel, taken away were left, I had my assistant, the dialect coach and translator. But it was hard to play Turkish. Ottoman was even more difficult to memorize some of the words. I've had a lot of difficulty, I will. three years, able to resist. Unfortunately, as much as I loved and I had no idea so many özleneceğimi.

MONEY TEAM DE NE NE NE a matter of a lot of work

Yes, I have always had difficulties but basically this is what the team was a question of how much work nor money. Ben Turkey ' at best, one of the most comfortable I tried to sequence sets. All the people I met told me this, I think it's true. Though my experience has never been like this before, a long set. outside my house, my friends and I did not know it would be so hard to trust people living far away.

became unbearable and I ran EVERYTHING

In the end, after a full'll tell you all the details of other reasons-became unbearable, and I ran away. wonderfull was when, exactly where and how it was an error I can see better now. them tell it. And I'm wrong there. I'm not saying I'm innocent. But he could not see inside the process. now I'm flying like a bird over and see.

apologize to every one of you

Now, in the first place to the prosecutor Timur, Great Yüzyıl'daki want to apologize to all the cast and crew one by one my friends and I send my love to them. And of course, all the Great Century audience. would like to thank all of you for this experience.


Kaçışımdan not to read the next news worked. banned in Germany, but I know that my doctor did not speak and did not explain any party, I kept everybody. Featured none of the news was not true. explanation made it for me. Timur prosecutor did not hurt me or the team. injustice did not do well. we, although While you're working really hard up, like a family. And I have made a number of nice.

had to run for my life

Vahide very love you. Meral said from the beginning I already Hürrem not play mature age. devredecektim Hürrem'i I play very little in the new season. But here I ran away I could not resist. Ultimately Muhteşem'i could not leave. But come on top of everything that I needed to save myself. tumbled into the abyss very, very deep. myself, I had to flee for my life ... for the entire interview

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Here are the confessions of the Virgin Mary Uzerli'nin bomb" comments for.


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