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  • 15 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 16:33

Here it is White Light

Here it is White Light
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Scientists believe that everybody's talking about what they see white light when the cause of death they resolved it suggests.

Result of research and studies on this subject experts explained this situation stem from the human brain electrical waves. Experts claim that these waves can be seen in light of the concentration on the white.

Research has been done on this subject at the University of Michigan in the United States. And the rats were used as test subjects. According to the data obtained from the dying brain waves much higher than normal activity was observed in rats.

Persons engaged in the research on this topic will increase the level of detection of the human brain believes that these waves.

30 seconds after the vehicle has stopped Heart

Dr. Drew attention to his remarks on Borjigin Jimo. Dr. Borjigin: "The human brain is working or actively think more slowly than during the said death. However, this is incorrect. As a result of our investigations and researches proved that it was wrong. Rather more than usual during the active brain death. "He said.

Generally speaking we arrive at the same thing with people returning from the dead on. Storyboard of your life passes before your eyes as the end of the tunnel or you'll be seeing a white light.

So far, studies with a clarity that these narratives can not be said.

University of Michigan just dying to reveal the secrets of people returning from the dead rat was followed by nine.

30 seconds after the heart has stopped, animals, high-frequency brain waves, known as gamma oscillations recorded that a sudden rise.

Dr. Based on the information obtained as a result his work Borjigin it could be argued that the people inside. Also the increase in brain activity and the detection level rise can be explained as a result suggested that the experience of the moment of death.

Also participating. Description of the cause of the people receiving un Borjigin light stimulation of the brain visual center stem from a high level, he added.

Here it is White Light" comments for.


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