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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 15:37

Here ; Kocaoğlu'nun Team

Here ; Kocaoğlu'nun Team
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March 30 local elections once again elected to the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir Aziz Kocaoglu, has set the new staff .

İzmir news: March 30 local elections once again elected to the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir Aziz Kocaoglu, has set the new staff . Accordingly, when determining Kocaoglu 5 deputy general secretary , former deputy governor and candidate for Mayor of CHP Ardahan flourishing İZBEL sediment was appointed head of the company . New names can be transferred from Ankara , akademisl new consultants on staff who participated. Here
St. Kocaoğlu'nun colleagues will work together in the new era:
Erhan Bey-Deputy Secretary-General . Bey connected departments:Financial Services Department Aydin Güzhan , Human Resources and Training Department Head Reza Kayacık Strategy Development, Head of the Department of Peace Karci Purchasing Department Chairman Mehmet Sayar, Support Services Department Felicity Saatçioğlu , Business and Subsidiaries Head of the Department Hakan Ozturk, Registrar and Head of the Department of Decision Levent Jobs.
Fugue Selvitop of the Deputy Secretary-General . Selvitopu connected to the departments:Housing and Urban Development Department Head Zeliha Demirel , Maps and GIS Department Kublai Yıldırm'a , Studies and Projects President Hulya Arkon , Urban Transformation Subhi Sahin, Development Control Department Head Perihan Shame, Property Management Department Nejat strong . < br/> Raif Canbek-Deputy Secretary-General . Canbek dependent departments:Department of Construction President Buğra Gokce also the Infrastructure Services Department also , while the Transportation Department Fidan Arslan, Suburban and Rail Systems Department Chairman Unal Dagli, Machinery and Supply Maintenance Department Maintenance Çelikdem , Park and Head of Department Baysel Tulip Garden .
Aysel Özkan-Deputy Secretary-General . Ozkan, depending departments:Production Procurement Department Sule Root, Head of Department of Social Services Serpil Sharp, Head of Culture and Arts Funda Erkal Ozturk, Head of Department of Social Projects . Aytuğ Balcioglu, Youth and Sports Department Head Çarıkçı Hilmi , Head of Press and Public Relations Pınar Meric, Head of Department of Agricultural Services Zia Rye.
Pervin Senel Young-Deputy Secretary-General . Young dependent departments:Fire Department President Serdar Yucel, Police Department Chairman Hakan Öztürk , Environmental Protection and Control Department Head Star rpm , the EDP Department Guler curative , Waste Management Department Sibel Shepherd , Cemeteries Administration President Hulya Sahin .
retired and separated from Izmir Deputy Governor and Mayor candidate in the local elections that are flourishing , but his candidacy because of his injury drawn from the sediment Ardahan's President Kocaoglu by the council's publicity and information operations that perform services company Unibel A.Ş. was commissioned .
the other hand, in recent weeks ESHOT appointed General Manager Raif Canbek , Deputy Secretary General of the mission will continue . ESHOT from the Department of Scientific Affairs appointed Assistant General Manager Fazil gauge is replaced by the Çankaya Municipality of Ankara Mr. Grant from the heavens , the Infrastructure Services Department will carry out the task of simultaneously . In the past, and that the General Directorate of Wildlife Park Police Department holds the proxy Hakan Öztürk , the next process in the Department of Management and Associates will do . Chief of Cabinet Affairs Levent In addition to these tasks , and decisions to the Department of Registrar will continue. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara Cankaya Municipality, a combination of three transfers took place . Head of Technical Affairs Department , as well as those Gokce Ozturk and Dr. Heather Erkal . Aytuğ Balcıoğlu found a new place for itself in the squad .
Kocaoğlu'nun was quite a bit of changes in the consultant team . Coastal Design Project Monopoly and Mehmet Ural prof.ilh responsible for consulting assignments in the new era , while continuing Ankara Cankaya Mayor Bulent Witness Former Mayor Kocaoglu to work with . Again, the advisory role of the project owner, architect Tevfik aassm'n Tozkoparan coastal project co-ordination , the State Opera and Ballet Orchestra Conductor Abraham printer to advise on culture and art projects . If Beribeyoğl Koray İYTE Lecturer , Izmir Metropolitan Municipality carried out jointly by İZKA \"Peninsula project\"and will look to work on participatory management approach .

Here ; Kocaoğlu'nun Team" comments for.


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