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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2013, Perşembe 23:11

Here's ailment just before the chat Effendi

Here's ailment just before the chat Effendi
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Effendi illness of his conversation just before the 'Spirit tells kelebekleşmesi'ni.

Fethullah Gulen

hasbihal rahatsızlanıp made immediately before the departure of the hospital , web site has been published.

statement made on the site, the condition immediately after the words in chat, all that is available is largely hasbihal are concerned about it has been expressed.

read verses.

death death pointed out that the issue of separation know friends Effendi, all firaklardan salvation, body and heart and soul stripped cismaniyetten life are bound to rise, and thus the presence of the soul to Him almost kelebekleşerek pointed out that to achieve the wing will stop beating. Then I made the following opinion in the truth:

"Right, object, substance, not symptoms, such as time and location, distance, hayyizden the glory;"reaching","discovery"as a metaphor for his words. If what is meant by them, above all close to us to overcome the distance that mahiyetimizdeki against Zât'a in my heart, feel, zevken duymaktır closeness to Him .. yes, hayvâniyetten slipped over cismaniyeti just about anyone the ability to measure,"bi u keyf evil"is closeness to Him in my heart, and soul shall taste basiretiyle temâşâsı always sip uns."

istirhamıyla 13:32 minute audio recording offering prayers would be instrumental.

Here's ailment just before the chat Effendi" comments for.


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