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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 19:28

Here's drug-ridden soldiers!

Here's drug-ridden soldiers!
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Reflected in the fact that the drug scandal emerged in Malatya and special reports also revealed a great truth.

INTERNET NEWS - Special: find what you want want the barracks! Yes, this ambitious promises and after drug-treated alışan a union soldier in Sanliurfa. Again, the same soldier, the social networking site in the brigade barracks cannabis marijuana grown in the same claim to have been sold!

TSK news had a great impact on the use of drugs prepared by the barracks. So how do you handle the report detaylandırılmayan drug trafficking. Who is doing this trade, and most importantly, why it does not interfere commanders?

CONFESSION on social networking site

Report confirming the confession own military service in the Sanliurfa ere's the one. Social networking site, it does not belong to a photo sharing AC, laundry and bathroom drug is stored in the public areas and in the same places as consumed. Allegedly, some of the soldiers in the barracks and used mainly marijuana, drug raw material from which troops again cultivating areas.

Who uses ?

armored units engaged in military service in Sanliurfa AC, in barracks drug trafficking is also very interesting information. Accordingly, reject, or using drugs often called as a civilian, and the fight against terrorism in South and East Anatolian regions, but for various reasons, taken back to the service being used by the soldiers. In the barracks, while the majority, reject the military is struggling with psychological problems. Here are addicted to these soldiers, the drugs themselves are either outside or in the barracks, self-determined private spaces grow cannabis hemp for use in construction.


Bazaar could not permit the drug addicts, drug dealers through the outside is provided. From telephone orders, is delivered to the barracks secluded parts of the wire mesh. Here's the interesting photos shared on social networking site;

Here's drug-ridden soldiers!" comments for.


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