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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 07:47

Here's his plan Erdogan Assad!

Here's his plan Erdogan Assad!
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Prime Minister bag, blood test, and those who died in the massacre of phone calls between al-Assad'' s commanders are contained in the report.

Erdogan documents related to use of chemical weapons
Erdogan, the evidence leads to the G-20 Putin is expected to submit. Turkish intelligence agency Assad's use of chemical weapons proved in all aspects.
In the analysis, the remains of chemical weapons have been found.

pitted against the world's leaders in Syria operation, Russia's Saint moving to the G-20 leaders' summit to be held in St. Petersburg. "a limited operation against Syria will not be enough" Prime Minister defended the opinion, Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons in Russia takes on the documents. Sticky Thread Erdogan's bag, at least three documents proving that Assad's use of chemical weapons. Erdogan, Assad's use of chemical weapons against the claims of the evidence Sticky Thread"utter nonsense"describing the Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to submit.

to the minute DETECTED

Turkey , Assad Syrians used chemical weapons attack killed tescilledi his research on blood samples. Accordingly, they are taking samples of chemical weapon attack in Ankara with the Syrians were killed. the examination, the remains of chemical weapons have been found. These are collected in a separate file in the medical evidence. Erdogan, deems it necessary to offer this evidence in the case is expected to other world leaders.

commanders of Assad INSTRUCTIONS

On the other hand, is a matter of debate and public telephone conversations took place between Assad's troops evidence of a chemical weapons attack took place. This conversation took place after the attack of chemical weapons, the use of chemical weapons, their anxious conversations Assad's troops. Speeches, chemical weapon attack is understood the instruction given by the commanders of al-Assad.

Here's his plan Erdogan Assad!" comments for.


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