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  • 13 Ekim 2013, Pazar 10:17

Here's the biggest mistake 5S'de iPhone

Here's the biggest mistake 5S'de iPhone
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Although the Apple iPhone 5S publish a new update every single day in more than an error of 5 and 5c

Apple iOS lock screen that comes with the transition to

covering seven vulnerabilities solved with the last published update. 7 iOS applications that crash, but the complaints about the new user began to arrive.

increased more than with any new operating system, applications iOS 7 with the problem recurs, the collapse of the original iPhone 5S'te This ratio, which is the high level of interest. According to All Things D's 5S'te iPhone iPhone 5 and iPhone applications crash, and the problem could not be opened more than 5c.

PROBLEM bigger than ever

According to research

5C iPhone 5 and iPhone applications iPhone 5S'te subsidence rate, the ratio is below one percent finding that two and two per cent. In other words, the iPhone 5S Sticky Thread 7 installed iOS applications the users more likely to experience the problem is bigger than ever.

iPhone 5S and 64-bit A7 chip M7 processor, while the iPhone 5 is also placed on the market with the same features as the iPhone 5C is in these respects. is the cause of an application crash rate is more than the iPhone 5S'te 7 compatible iOS application developers develop applications and updating applications 5S'in iPhone hardware is not adequately prepared is said to be.

being the case, Apple's mobile operating system is based on the improvements to the user with notifications to publish updates to solve these problems as soon as possible. Apple was planning to publish an update on the latest situation in Turkey is not known 5S'nin iPhone applications available in the emergence of these problems have remained the days that will capture user responses for sure.

Here's the biggest mistake 5S'de iPhone" comments for.


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