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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 12:25

Hernia cough triggers

Hernia cough triggers
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General Surgery Specialist Assoc.

Denizli news: General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Namik Ozkan, said trigger of chronic cough hernia .
In Turkey, approximately 100 people in five common hernia in men inguinal hernia to occur in men than in women 7-8 times more common inguinal hernia , constipation , chronic cough, sudden movements , heavy lifting , obesity reasons such as occurred were noted. General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Namik Ozkan, hernia internal organs normally found in the body in a weak point to come out declaring that , \"If this swelling in the groin area if deemed we commonly inguinal hernia call. Inguinal hernia for two reasons occurs. Firstly congenital causes. Males in the womb testicles inside the abdomen is . birth in the near term by replacing the scrotum to descend. during this displacement in this area of weakness arises hernia can . inguinal hernia of the indirect method in this way is formed. Secondly, the inguinal canal in this region strain caused tears hernia can cause the formation , \"he said .

pubic region of the reasons why constipation, chronic cough, sudden movements , heavy lifting , obesity, buildup of fluid in the abdomen can be specified as the Professor said . Dr. Ozkan, said:
\"These are all of the crotch region anatomical structure , forcing hernias can cause . General surgery almost operated in our three patients, one hernia suffers . General surgery in the practice of our favorites that we see is a disease , 100 patients were seen in 5 and nearly 80 percent of them are inguinal hernia . abdominal wall hernias are inguinal hernias , 90 percent of . \"
inguinal hernia , indicating that the anatomically divided into three sub-groups Assoc. Dr. Namik Ozkan, \"inguinal hernia , direct inguinal hernia , indirect inguinal hernia and femoral hernia , including three kinds. Indirect inguinal hernia, congenital is the inguinal canal subsequently and self-opening arises . Mostly in children and young people are seen. Direct hernia muscle ripped out of their interests , with athletes older individuals revealed. femoral hernia are; femoral hole exits the least common inguinal hernia and mostly occurs in women . femoral hernia than others 1-2 centimeters below truss right out from under , \"he said .
groin hernia , which is not very long hours behind the wheel must be stated that the Assoc. Dr. Namik Ozkan, heavy sports, weight lifting , basketball, football as a sport requires more effort to be avoided , to be made ​​over an hour walking , standing for long periods also added that one should not stay constant .

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