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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 13:05

Herniated untreated can cause paralysis

Herniated untreated can cause paralysis
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Denizli State Hospital, Neurosurgery Specialist Op.

Denizli news: Denizli State Hospital, Neurosurgery Specialist Op. Dr.. Farmers Peters, back and neck pain due to herniated common and widespread in the community, noting that many of these disorders if left untreated can lead to paralysis in the future, he said.
Brain Surgery Specialist Op. Dr.. Farmers Engine pain in the community is one of the most common problems and pain most of the waist, neck, back seen in the he said. Dr.. Farmers pain, a significant part of the reason why the hernia and neck hernia is expressed as,"Back and neck hernia, a significant part of the reason for the heavy jobs as a result of longitudinal and articulated the burden, there is pressure build-depending on spinal bones located between the discs herniation. These hernias, reverse In a move heavy load pickup and sneezing, sometimes straining on the toilet with a can occur. This is why these need to pay attention. Some people no compulsion which, although not as familial hernia can develop. So the family almost all members of these types of disorders can be seen,"he said.

waist and neck hernia that expressed various treatment methods neurosurgeons Op. Dr.. Engine Farmer, hernias significant portion operatively treated can, said:"However, waist and neck hernia patients from medical treatment, ie, from physical therapy, drug therapy and pain management not benefit from if in patients with severe force losses that among the people 'paralyzed' the so-called emergence has begun to emergency surgery may be required. hospital About this hernia surgery in a good way can be made. Patients sometimes surgeries WITHDRAW, he is afraid. however, to be feared, pull that is not a problem. many years of pain by pulling the herniated live in Odense, surgery might be a better solution. Job losses are prevented, sports more comfortable they do, no shortage inhabit. And their lives as normal, painless way, that may occur, such as stroke cases prevented the resume,"he said.
in Denizli osteopath and bone-setter to the waist puller 'cases too, indicating that the neurosurgeons Op. Dr.. Engine farmer job in hernia patients lay people warned not to go to. Dr.. Farmers, if you have a herniated disc and surgery is not required to consult the expert from the waist shrinking job certainly be done, if done will be carried out by the experts said it would be more appropriate.

Herniated untreated can cause paralysis" comments for.


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