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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 15:51

Hes able to do no harm to nature

Hes able to do no harm to nature
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BND Daylight Energy and Construction Holding's subsidiaries electricity, the first hydroelectric power plant in the energy sector (HES) started production .

İstanbul news: Ordu-Giresun plant's most important aspect is established between provinces, and made ​​6 million pounds in additional cost to avoid being massacred nature was 1.6-kilometer water transmission tunnel . Photo BND electricity Ordu-Giresun started production plant established between provinces . To prevent damage to the environment of the plant was made additional investment of 6 million pounds. Providing information about central BND Electric General Manager Bülent Şahinalp in Turkey ŞAHİNALP stating that such projects against the severe environmental sensitivity , in this case , most investors had been held back , but investors also unfortunately true methods said that research. To prevent damage to the power plant construction and opened a natural mountain water transmission tunnel drilled 1.6 km long , 3.5 km was protected nature along lines that will be harmed . Photo POWER to meet the electricity needs of 15 THOUSAND HOUSING
the plant generated electricity, investments held by the BND electric 23.4 km long power transmission line with TEIAŞ Army began to be delivered to the substation. figures of the feasibility report they made at the stage of implementation of the Photo investment share ŞAHİNALP , plant's annual that electricity generation is calculated as 33 million 815 thousand kWh , about 15 thousand housing can generate electricity in power to meet the annual electricity needs , he said. Photo HEPP to the negative view of the source of Pointing out that overall it was damaged during the channel productions Bülent Şahinalp , \"you also used the tunnel in other projects would have had to approach more favorable hydroelectric power plants . Transmission tunnels, to the extent hydroelectric projects that geological structure of the permitting preferred to be an application , \"he said .
ROAD wAS HELD IN to FISH Photo project offers 2 Current observation Station ( AGI ) is. State Hydraulic Works in every month agian (DSI) officers and employees of these stations are measuring the amount of water measured in lives which are necessary for the survival of aquatic organisms. At the same time continue to fish life and was also a separate fish passage to spawning periods .
Stating that the technical team in the construction of the project except for employment in the region almost all of the workers ŞAHİNALP , The excavation and granite appeared in the opening stages of the tunnel in the improvement of rural roads in the region said that they use . Lights Energy and Construction Holding has also contributed to other companies in the repair of schools and mosques in . Photo TWO NEW PROJECTS Photo BND Electricity, Delta-2 Hydroelectric Power Plant after Kahramanmaras and Gümüshane'more electricity production will perform two new projects. The installed capacity of 3.35 MW of installed capacity hes hes Kahramanmaras , which will come to life in Papua New Guinea will be 5.95 MW .


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