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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:46

Hes Revolt of Mukhtar in Giresun

Hes Revolt of Mukhtar in Giresun
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Giresun because Çanakçı township Karabörk village with Kuşköy potential harm to the environment include the construction of a hydroelectric power plant ongoing village headmen rebelled.

Trabzon news: Photo Making wanting to raise complaints about the HES ongoing since 2010 Karabörk Village Headman Mehmet Baby , Deregöz Village Headman Salih Minds, Kuşköy Village Headman Avni Köçek , Düzköy Village Headman Coskun Yilmaz, Cascade Village Headman Ali and Heroes Village Headman Hayrettin Aydin , voicing adversely affected villages in the HES building held a joint press release.
According to the joint statement, \"October 18 to 19 effective 2014 date in our district rainfall results roads in several villages , pipe and culverts, recently started Karabörk crossing the bridge and the construction farmland were damaged. Making stuffed water to tunnel from the Hydroelectric Power regulator ongoing since 2010 and has reduced the life and property safety uncontrolled flowing water with incomplete pipeline cause danger. our number 13 group village way because HES Santirali the uncontrolled flow of water off for a day remained . However, the water level decreases, work could begin . District Governor's Office of backhoe loaders backhoe loader support to private companies working in the construction of road transport on the open road was opened deemed inadequate as a single lane bridge . Our negotiations with the company owner was completely fruitless . I do not consider that it is appropriate to work in his project . Because of heavy rains that occurred on October 18 to 19 at the dam burst . Our village road was closed for transportation. Ambulances could not reach our patients , we were unable to post our cemetery, funeral , we had to cancel our wedding. If public transport when the dam water from stone tool path group were students or past service could have fatal accidents . We want this plant as a moment before making the necessary Village Headman . If you shut off, if you want to open open. But you're not a victim of anyone . Everyone in this central ravaged face . Is likely to occur if the necessary precautions are not taken casualties . Village Headman as we felt the need to share this with the public our responsibility. The authorities before a fatal accident occurred and we want the company to take the necessary measures , \"they said .


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