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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 16:25

Hes was shocked Pipe Flood in Edremit

Hes was shocked Pipe Flood in Edremit
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Edremit district of Kastamonu floods , remove the tube has a hydro power station .

Kastamonu news: If torrential rains that fell last night in Edremit
clock 01:30 queues increase the effect occurred with the flooding . Due to flooding , which finished with the hydro power station to remove the pipe was . The flood has damaged akçay the HES contractor .
Dikbaş İlhami of inhabitants of the rain that started at 21.00 continued to multiply said. Dikbaş , \"It was bound to happen . HES , mesa , it has made . Walls or something does not benefit here . \"he said.
Akçaydan the municipality's drinking water supply line pipes with flood waters broke. City drinking water can not be exported . Group Paşalı road was closed to traffic for a while . Flood waters dragged by removing trees from the root . Kizilcakaya bridge took two input pad , folded entrance to the village . Flood waters have destroyed electricity poles at the entrance to the bridge , the electricity was cut Kizilcakaya village . Sırakonaklar bridge to the entrance of the village neighborhood Toprakci led to a damaging flood hazard .
Driven flood waters into the sea before winter trees were collected by citizens . Coastal residents of Kele name, they moved to their home by collecting pieces of wood .

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