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  • 11 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 10:20

Hidden Dangers in Water Pool

Hidden Dangers in Water Pool
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Dirty pool water , especially inflammation of the outer ear canal prepare the ground for many diseases were reported.

Adana news: Dirty pool water outside of the ear canal inflammation and many other diseases predisposing were reported.
Acibadem Adana Hospital ENT Specialist Feyhan Kahya Aydogan , relevant in a statement , because of the pool unexpected problems should not happen to make suggestions .
\"Swimmer's ear \"also called for the disease is an infection of the outer ear canal, said Dr. Aydogan, \"Symptoms usually swim the next couple of days emerges. These diseases in all age groups seen , although more common in children and very painful can be. Fact, pain , sometimes daily activities taking enough people it can affect . Advanced stages than in the jaw joint , throat hit causing pain and even difficulty in the patient's mouth open . these symptoms can also be added to the high fever in people , \"he said .
Dr. Aydogan, infection symptoms listed as follows for:
\"Ear itching , ear discharge, ear pain, hearing loss , buzzing , ringing , ear fullness and feeling of congestion , the external ear redness . \"
structure as a closed channel water into the ear, go out for a long time , indicating that when Dr. Aydogan, \"Therefore, bacteria and microorganisms such as fungi proliferate can . Pools and other water amusement park located in the germs of this disease, the most common causes are among the . Particular care and cleaning are not good swimming pools with sea water much more than infection is generating. Especially chlorine , ear, skin, the protective layer is located in the'keratin'attempted destruction of the article is accelerating. All these factors come together and one our ear from the outside of any foreign body tampering our infection to occur last and most important contribution , \"he said.

external otitis pROTECTION FROM tHE PATH
ENT Expert Feyhan a housekeeper Aydogan , otitis externa to hedge the following recommendations found in:
\"-the shower or after a swim in your ear remaining water in your head right and left , shaking completely try to remove it . child's doing so provide .
-the ear canal entrance of some cotton swab in moderation gently clean .
-Your child's middle ear problems if the external auditory canal specifically designed for Wear earplugs .
-Entering objectionable seen on the beaches , and cleaning is not enough that you believe in pools swimming .
-ear hairdryer warm function carefully can dry .
-Shower or after swimming in your ear protectors for low density alcohol (25 percent) , mineral oil drops can . \"
TREATMENT most common tools used ear drops
the external ear canal inflammation who thinks primarily of an ENT physician must apply to the said Dr . Aydogan, \"your doctor if deemed necessary after detailed examination of your ear dressing your way whether you can aspire ,\"he said .
Ear drops usually used in the treatment process explaining that Dr. Aydogan, said:
\"Patient , ear drops when using the non-infected ear on the yacht and preferably someone else is sick ear doctor has determined the amount of trickling . Then 2-3 minutes by waiting infected ear facing down in the translating . Ear bus dropped is expected to drop out of the flow and the pinna and ear canal with a cotton swab input is being cleaned. \"

Hidden Dangers in Water Pool" comments for.


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