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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 14:04

Hidirellez Day Message from Governor Dogan

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Van Governor Aydin Nezih Dogan , May 6, issued a message because Hidirellez Day .

Van Governor Aydin Nezih Dogan , May 6, issued a message because Hidirellez Day .
Governor Dogan , issued the message, \"Hidirellez , popularly secret of immortality, the sooner they and darts to help those who are believed to have Hz. Khidr and Prophet Elijah once a year they come together as the day is acceptable. Hidirellez tradition regarding the common faith , the Prophet. Speed ​​with Prophet Elijah on May 6 is the meeting . Hidirellez Day ( Ruz-i-Khidr) people in the calendar the beginning of summer is accepted as . past and future builds bridges between people closer to each other while we were together , reinforcing the short makes us our culture value of one of our Hidirellez also transferred to future generations in on us important tasks is reduced. Love, respect , cohesion, peace , hope , which means Hidirellez country, many parts of our celebrated as our province this deep-rooted traditions , Culture and Tourism Directorate , the various activities on May 6 Van our Castles will be celebrated . winter and cold days, up from a tough , reviving nature , beauty liberated, we will open the door to the Prophet . Prophet Elijah with the speed they find the AB-I accepted life today , our public health, peace and blessings I wish to bring all my countrymen celebrated from May 6 Day celebrates \"he said.

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