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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 10:43

Highlight from Bowers Kaleici

Highlight from Bowers Kaleici
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Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, Old City Association Board Member, authorities agreed to .

Antalya news: Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, Old City Association Board Member, authorities agreed to .
meeting lasted for about an hour in Kaleici problem Bowers association members and told they want to accomplish projects . Bowers also of Kaleici, Antalya's most important historical and center of attraction is expressed as area studies to support the happy expressed will .
Historic Old City in the most important problem is the traffic voicing Old City Association members , this is a problem for the solution Bowers asked for support from the president . Resolve the traffic problem in the area for a new arrangement of voicing Budak, \"Traffic problem in Kaleici there should not be a problem . These areas traffic only company tools get the job done for should be set free . However, this freedom at certain times of day with the limited ,\"he said . < br/> Kaleici difficulties experienced by certain and that these problems ATSO edit their \"Old City Meetings\"and the vision in the work echoed stated that the Bowers , the main problems of traffic , as well as security , auditing, and peddlers in the region intensity and most importantly the charm stressed that the failure to emphasize the point . Specific studies after Kaleici explodes kavuşacağına believe stating ATSO Chairman Budak, \"But it trades also gathers itself up . Sold quality of the products would have to increase . Region situated in entertainment centers to upgrade the quality I need . So Kaleici's Guide to the first region of trades very important to do its part , \"he said .
Kaleici Antalya pupil stated that the Bowers , said:
\"Kaleici art centers highlights the need for tomorrow . ATSO more as Kaleici charm to impart the first step ATSO house we took with . historic building have received and restored ettiriyoruz . Kaleici now in a themed street plan. also soon want to realize . \"
ATSO 's highlight what you want to get hold of a street in Kaleici Budak , \"It will be full of street art . Artists by working together with the operators of these streets will turn into a center of attraction . This study EXPO 2016 in connection with execution , if both Antalya and expo extra will add value , \"he said .
Kaleici a better future to reach ATSO Chairman Budak advantage of the expertise that they want members of the association , Bowers'a Kaleici prepare for their projects they offered. projects , assess found in Budak, \"Kaleici will benefit all work is behind are \"he said .
Kaleici solving the problems of the formula also passes through dialogue underlines Budak , \"We ATSO the Old City Create a working group . This group're working on plans to Kaleici region . However, in this region living , shopkeepers, taxi drivers , with one representative from each area where such a conference should organize .'re Bringing together all aspects of Kaleici a common solution and let us , \"he said .

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