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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:22

Hijra Mosque was rebuilt in

Hijra Mosque was rebuilt in
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Bagcilar Mahmutbey Hijra Mosque in the neighborhood replaced by a new earthquake-resistant building that was destroyed was positively identified.

basement, ground floor and 919 square meters of floor session mahfil area and other parts of the new mosque prayer at the same time kılabiliyor thousand 250 people.

demolished to be earthquake-resistant reconstruction it became clear that the new District Bagcilar Mahmutbey mosque, and rightly so. AK Party Istanbul deputy Feyzullah Mosque Kıyıklık basis, Evocators Bağcılar Mayor and Chairman of AK Party Ismet Ozturk Bagcılar made, as well as the participation of a large number Bağcılarlıların.

ongoing landscaping the exterior of the mosque, Antalya-Finike (Limestone Stone) Stone was used. Building iklimlendirmesinde underfloor heating and air conditioners are preferred in the mosque mosque located on the bottom floor and ceiling type air heating system is located. At the bottom of the 10th floor of the mosque and the fountain in the mosque portico is a small dome. 500 people in the mosque praying at the same time may render the lower ground floor. Upper floor portico portico was constructed in the last section. Hijra Mosque and the edges of the newly built parts of the portico, and in some parts of the facade is a special stone masonry.

Bağcılar Mayor Evocators, important projects under the Urban Renewal parking garden instead of demolished houses built in earthquake-prone buildings in the district they said. In this context, the concrete strength measurements made in the district of worship Evocators noted,"that mosques are places where people peace of mind. Concrete strength had decided to lower the Hijra Mosque demolished and the new one to be made. Hallelujah completed the construction of our mosque. Countrymen have regained a solid and a renovated sanctuary."he spoke.

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