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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:41

Hollande:\"the uncontested presidential election in Ukraine should be done \"

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PARIS ( dpa)-French President Hollande, performs with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the press conference , to be held in Ukraine's presidential election'without encountering any obstacles undisputed and'what should be done , he said.

Paris news: In Ukraine, the violence and conflict in the shadow of the Presidential elections Explanations that Hollande, \"May 25 will be held in the presidential election in any way should not be obstructed . Ukraine results in each segment will be accepted by and obstacles encountered not a choice ,\"he said .
Hollande will also fix the mess in Ukraine said that dialogue is the only way . Between Japan and China in the East China Sea islands discussed the problem experienced Hollande , in the East China Sea stability of a moment ago had hoped to take place , noting that dialogue is the only way to solve this problem is emphasized. Hollande, the country's economic cooperation with Japan , will continue in the areas of safety culture and tourism said. Strengthen partnerships with Japan emphasized that every day Hollande , the new agreement aims to increase investment between the two countries , he said. Hollande , for safety of Japan's Financial and Central Africa gave appreciate the support expressed that they had and in 2014 the beginning of January the two countries, Foreign and defense ministers beer come together in a meeting with France Japan political relations and security cooperation strengthening the dialogue on the initiated reminded. < br/> Hollande also in Japan for Japanese Airlines Airbus in France pursuant to this order that Toyota and cooperation in the production of electric cars , said that decision . Nuclear energy in France of the future for energy and that this issue with France between Japan joint work done stating Hollande, \"on nuclear energy in Turkey, a joint project was carried out , other similar projects with Japan in other countries cooperation will continue ,\"he said . < br/> with France signed an intergovernmental agreement on the development of defense equipment Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in Europe and in East Asia growing in importance every day , said they agreed with France on security matters . Abe also contribute towards peace and stated that it has won the support of Hollande . Abe also with French President Hollande France attaches great importance to the revitalization of the Japanese economy , he said. Aviation and improve cooperation in the nuclear energy field who expressed their desire Abe, the two countries'cooperation in recent years so far at this level that increases every day, drew attention to the relationship . become a more important time to be stressed. OECD Ministerial Council also expressed Japan's prime minister will attend the meeting , the fiftieth anniversary of Japan's accession to the OECD stressed that it was very important .

Hollande:\"the uncontested presidential election in Ukraine should be done \"" comments for.


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