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Home Foot Care

Home Foot Care
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Home care advice and a professional pedicure six basic rule ought to make it into the most beautiful feet in sandals with heels, open in summer.

Feet, is only slightly below eye level, work is often ignored when it comes to regular beauty care. The result? Most of us, cracked heels, calloused fingers and looks like fırçalanmamış dirty soles to wander. Beach sandals that you definitely want to show that the new is not an image.

Renee Zellweger, goers are among celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox in Los Angelas'taki mani-pedi spa salon Nail Garden's partner Reham Bastawros, summer, most brutal seasons for the feet, he says."During the winter, less wear socks and boots protected feet,"says Bastawros. But flip flops and sandals, foot straps rub against the skin of the feet at every step can lead to corrosion."I saw the open wound cracked heels to a degree of creation,"says Bastawros.

Perform the following maintenance throughout the year for the feet striking


6 Steps to Professional Pedicure

twice a year (summer season begins and the other one before the winter holidays), do a professional pedicure. Choose a pedicure includes the following steps:

salt bath to soften the foot

callus purification; experts usually takes a softening cream callused area first, and then sterilized make application are tools. gently scrub the skin to loss soften the feet, foot massage with natural oil such as grape seed oil warm paraffin foot wrap traps moisture And finally the most fun part of the job. Given shape and softens skin on feet nails cut, placed on the classic pedicure nail polish.

Do Not Neglect

daily care

1 Sit on the edge of the tub and scrub your feet with foot brush. Select one of your favorite oil or olive oil with a tablespoon of raw sugar a tablespoon, mixed with oatmeal or chickpea flour mixture, get your own. Apply oil and massage your feet soak for 5 minutes. If you have time in hot or warm water immersion hand towel and wrap her feet. This will have the effect of moisture trapping and paraffin pedicures.

2 Have a shower cabin, a foot brush or loofah. Liquid soap scrub of your choice on the tool and tighten the toes, heels until you rub it immaculate. And vigorously scrub the soles of your heels three times a week during the shower. Replace your brush once a month to produce bacteria.

3 Immediately after the foot bath or shower, plenty of oil to lubricate the body, lotion massage to the soles of the feet and heels.

4 To support the extra moisturizing twice a week, apply olive oil to your feet before going to sleep and all çorabınızla sleep.

For a more specific style

anklets toe rings or use.

About the author:Alison Singh Gee , People magazine has written articles on style, but also InStyle , and Marie Claire magazines, fashion, beauty, design and writing papers. Often The Style Glossy Turkey essays are edisyonuna.

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