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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 11:53

Home Price on the Table

Home Price on the Table
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Interesting items on display in Bursa İnegöl 32 MODEF EXPO held at the Fair attracts attention .

Bursa news: Photo of last year , while his 3-meter high chair limelight company , and this year's fair has attracted the attention of those who see table 6 feet in length . 6 meters in length and 30 people can eat dinner at the table in 1.5 meters wide. Weight and price of the table made ​​of walnut is remarkable . Weight expects the receiver to 60 thousand pounds in the exhibition table with 1 ton . Photo Giant desk producing OZZO general manager of Furniture Uğur Şimşek said, \"We did not do it to get attention just at the fair. We had an available table. A meeting table in a large hall or used as a dining table. he made ​​the 30-person capacity . native walnut. the all-natural , handmade and eye-straining a product , \"he said . Photo desk about doing 15 days Simsek, \"We wanted to get our visionary product represents the Inegöl furniture . we want to see better the guests from different cities and countries that Inegöl on what to do . this is a signature. I am fair to our color string. we've created a table without breaking the no form of the trees in the forest. we convert the two parts of a table taken from a tree trunk . 6 meters long and 1.5 meters width of a giant table , \"he said .
completely underlines that there is a ton of weight giant table made ​​of walnut wood Simsek, beautiful and different product , he said .


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