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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:37

Honey League

Honey League
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Regional Amateur Football League (BAL) Group 3 team from the club's vice president Turgay 44 Malatyaspor Wind , Kilis separated from FC match with 3 points , well said they wanted to continue on their way .

Malatya news: Photo Adıyamanspor match in the forward stating that they make obvious mistakes although they pass wind, \"I watched the game the weekend with me. Our team showed a football we want. passed in front. We got our hands on the score advantage. But for scores of protection , we should cool the game. We could not cool the game. we saw the castle our first goal . Golden after our team was a panic . he should have at the top we stress. we saw 2.gol our castle in the result . match draws that after some risks, we take into consideration . unlucky was a match . prior to the last 5 minutes , there was still clear our position . Shootout we got a penalty position. we are willing to 1 point in the result . the winner of our future a match , we finished a draw , \"he said .
\" win will LEAVE \"Photo Wind , play tomorrow a critical encounter with Kilis FC will saving , \"one of the league's strongest teams FC Kilis . There are claims in their league . we got our championship goal. This is a tough match . will face two strong team. we hope to leave with 3 points . 3 points will do his best for our players . I trust them infinitely . Güçteyiz achieve this, \"he said .
\" AM NEW TO SUCH WE TOOK \"Photo 44 that have expressed Malatyaspor Ivory-born player in talks with lawmakers about Amani Wind , \"We are expecting about Amani . We are in discussions with our MPs . They promised us. I hope this issue will be solved in 1 few weeks. After Amanda join our team stronger and more will surely proceed on our way , \"he said .

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