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Honey League

Honey League
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Regional Amateur Football League (BAL) Group 3 teams in Malatya Yeşilyurtspor striker Cumalı Kilinc, Sanliurfa Karaköprü FC said they wanted to leave the match with 3 points .

Malatya news: Photo Kilinc, expressing their Elazig Although the side closer to victory in Yolsp match pitch after a draw leaving , \"Which team are going to do match , then investigate our team's coach is good or bad aspects, tells us . We are preparing in that direction as us team . Elazığ Yolsp match to the we have prepared this way. Visiting we played well against our opponent. karşılaşmaydı can winner arrived but pitch after a 1-1 draw we parted. 1 score a good result for us, \"he said. experienced players , indicating that a good environment in the Photo Team , \"We started to become a team. When we look at the last match we can see it in the best way . we've got the team phenomenon. this has a good friendship environment. Hodja our doing an interview with us. in every sense a good environment , \"he said. Photo Kilinc, all teams except 2-3 team in the group noting that the same power , \"the group close to each other as forces team but as a favorite comes to the fore in the 2-3 team group. is winning team with the day. Dersimspor , 44 Malatyaspor and Kilis FC, your favorite team in the group. Hopefully the winner will always be Malatya teams. 44 Malatyaspor I want to go on a top league , \"he said . When reminded that they will encounter in the area of Sanliurfa Photo Weekend Karaköprü FC Kilinc, \"a good team in Sanliurfa Karaköprü Belediyespor'un . We are doing our preparations accordingly. We're going to pitch to 3 points. Win this encounter, we want to continue our way in a good way , \"he said .

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