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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:01

Honey-President of Hero in Migration

Honey-President of Hero in Migration
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Honey-Immigration Branch Inegeul Mustafa Kahraman was elected to the presidency .

Bursa news:
Honey-migration association's 12th annual general meeting was held in the building . Current head craving Steel , due to the intensity of work of not seeking re-election , elections with a single list was . Mustafa Kahraman unanimously was appointed president .
The General Assembly wished to be beneficial Balkan Immigrant Culture and Solidarity Association (Honey-immigration ) Chairman Yuksel Ozkan, \"We still do not know circles there . Period period dismissive approach we encountered . Which political party representatives Regardless, we political parties at an equal distance we have . really unifying supposed to be . We already always unifying and constructive we have . because this country, all of us. we all have needs to go . this mission , the next generation in our vaccination need , \"he said .
Turkey's population , nearly half of the Balkan immigrant claiming to be Ozkan, \"We Anatolian lands gone there , and back we came . Balkan Turks , the present democratic one is insurance . Taba our thoughts institutions have transferred . ahead Bulgaria elections there . 5 October 2014 on Sunday to voting join. There Rights and Freedoms Party representing us last year as we support , let's support this year . Let's do our duty without regard to any doubt . 48 deputies said. Parliament needs to reach that number . I would respectfully remind again this election . The General Assembly to bring no hope , \"he said .
Honey-Immigration Branch Inegeul the new chairman Mustafa Heroes ,\"who contributed to our Association members and executives come to today , thank you to everyone . Since the establishment of very good work has been signed . First muhacirlik days certainly was not easy. Was passed from a very difficult time . Difficulties were overcome in unity and solidarity . In the new era of this unity and to live effort , \"he said .
Mustafa Kahraman under the chairmanship of the board of directors , Cute Cenkci Mehmet Öğütver , the Erdogan Turkey , Izzet Esatoglu , Sema Küçükfilib , Mary Alicavus , Ertan Başder Sabiha Donmez, Leman sold , mergul Cengiz Anil Sun , Senay Coskun, Recep Özkan Molla and Reyhan has occurred. Supervisory Board with the Aladdin Kırcalı craving Steel and Bethlehem was chosen Tunceli .


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