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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:19

Honorary Membership of the Asiad Akgul

Honorary Membership of the Asiad Akgul
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Ankara Industrialists and Businessmen's Association ( ASİAD ) Chairman of the Board of the Peace Aydin , along with board members visited the Mamak Mayor Ahmed Massoud in office.

Ankara news: He also indicates that he was born in a Photo Mamak Aydin , as a former slum mamaklı prison and with Mamak Akgul said the dump record growth in both physical and social sense , he said . Ahmed takes over at a municipal debt investments and social municipality also noted that highlighted Aydin , Ahmed honorary membership was presented the plaques and badges . Asiad the new term projects describing Aydin , street children and substance said to MDA projects that will be implemented for children addicted to what they want to cooperate with the Council. Is now in Mamak of
childhood, the water in the streets , bagels sold in the place of the now attractions slums, social spaces Aydin stating that , Mamak is growing as the population within five years and that increased employment , however . Mamak, not only for Ankara, Turkey is a very important district stated that Aydin , \"Mama has a very special place in my life. I say it proudly . I grew up in the slums . I have not left the hearts. Now, as a businessman , as the representative of businessmen it pleases me to be here . Business people are watching closely the development of the formula. ASİAD not only trade, we want to sign the joint efforts of various organizations , including the social project , \"he said . Aydin , they plan to do in the halls of some organizations Mamak Asiad will edit was added. Expressing satisfaction with the
Views Ahmed said, noting that the most important dynamics of the country's NGOs , Asiad both the corporate structure as well as the physical spaces stated that performs a task full . Nice services in Ankara unity and solidarity indicating that they believe that they do Akgul, said they would continue to support NGOs .


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