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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 19:27

Hope Kocasakal , 3rd Reassures Times

Hope Kocasakal , 3rd Reassures Times
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Istanbul Bar Association General Assembly Elections candidate in the first Group Policy Contemporary Lawyers Assoc.

İstanbul news: Dr. Hope Kocasakal 14 thousand 435 has been re-elected . Assoc. Dr. Kocasakal a congress of lawyers makes them worthy , said:\"Both the bar in terms of our wish to be beneficial in terms of both our countries ,\"he said .
Istanbul Bar Association elections resulted in the General Assembly . With the start of the votes to be counted, the plasma screens placed in the hall was followed by the results of the lawyers . After the selection of all the votes counted , First Principles candidate Contemporary Lawyers Group Assoc. Dr. Hope Kocasakal , its nearest competitor by taking the difference of 11 thousand 580 votes with 65 per cent share of the vote by 14 thousand 435 votes reassured 3rd time . Elections after the conclusion in a statement Kocasakal , \"far as I know unprecedented results . Usually two-candidate in an election this happens , but five candidates a choice of 1 person in 65 percent of polling a group, I remember nothing . Firstly these results with us regarding the lawsuits the original acquittal is . Again about us walking results given in the decision not to prosecute is . sale of the vote for the sake of everyone winks of the policy until the end of claiming the yaw of the only law and the rule of law to claim is the result of . that I think not only we in Turkey all relevant institutions the result must bring , I think. at the same time the lawyer of the public until such time the applications clearly support that a clear indication . , I choice but to all participating groups all the candidates , thank you. this is a democracy feast was . lawyers themselves again, a decent congress did . in that sense, I'm happy. Both the bar in terms of our both countries in terms of our wish to be good , \"he said .
Rule of Law Platform 13 percent share of the vote with a 2 thousand 855 votes, taking 2nd , Liberal Democrat Lawyers 8 per cent share of the vote with a thousand 763 votes, taking the 3'third , Istanbul Nationalist lawyers Group 6 per cent share of the vote with a thousand 502 votes , taking 4th , Contemporary Lawyers Group of the 6 per cent share of the vote with a thousand 369 votes, taking the 5th was . on the other hand, lost the election the other lawyer groups also stand in the slogans . several groups singing anthems throw slogans , some groups also pulled ropes . groups disbanded without experiencing any tension .

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