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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:57

Hope the family Taşkentl Prime Minister

Hope the family Taşkentl Prime Minister
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The largest of the Silifke district 6 , the youngest of 20 days 7 children and 2 door with his wife, no windows and two bedroom house struggles of life Ramazan Balci , said they had a very difficult time , I asked for help from fellow prime minister , Ahmet Davutoglu .

Mersin news: Photo 5 years ago from Konya Tashkent district of Silifke settled construction foreman Ramazan Balci (54) without a title of father of two rooms with doors and windows are struggling for survival in winter conditions with a home family no . Photo Offical wife Hulya Balci (37 ) Murat Balci (11) , Fatma Nur Balci (6) , Edanur Balci (4) , Emirhan Balci (2) , religious married couple Medina from Kandel (35) Rabia Balci (3) , Rahim Balci ( 1.5 ) and 20 day old baby Elif Balci , a total of 7 children with Ramazan Balci said the miserable way of life , said they expect a helping hand to them to extend . Photo Silifke Social assistance and Solidarity Foundation from 7 months, 7 children 140 TL Ramazan Balci stating that the assistance $ 250 Feast of the Sacrifice , \"I came to Konya 5 years ago from Tashkent district of Silifke . I find a job before the construction master. But labor have begun to spend hard times without you. There is nothing in our house . My children and with my wife in the morning , afternoon, and evening pasta and bread made ​​from flour and sometimes we're feeding our stomach by eating olives. We are taking a very hard life with my children . What are the door nor window of our house , we had the windows and doors from plastic and blankets we handle it. Our electricity , to be cut because it is not our money , our water bills will be cut to half a day and I can not tilt . Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu would be our fellowman. You hear us and help us . I am also waiting for the help of all helpful . \"Stating that children urgently need milk Photo Hulya Balci, \"But we can give them water instead of milk. 20-day my baby needs diapers. But what we can get milk because we have money nor able to receive diapers. I do not know what we will do in winter conditions . Every day we do not eat anything other than bread and pasta. We want to have a go at us, \"he said.


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