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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:59

Hospital Chief Owner Employee Outcomes

Hospital Chief Owner Employee Outcomes
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Mersin's Anamur district , the state hospital was reported to be unfounded reports that he assaulted a doctor of physicians.

Mersin news: Photo Anamur State Hospital Chief Dr. Mature Sharp's Reanimation Specialist Dr. Bulent Özdoğan meat itself that the allegations of the complaint Bimer beaten by locking a room on the grounds of the hospital stating that the hospital staff did unreal press release. Read the press release in front of the Emergency Department Dr. Photo Hale Booth, \"Here today we have to show hospital başheki , Dr. Mature sharp in his eyes at our hospital and to share facts against thrown despicable slander our inner peace and that we are standing tall against unfounded claims of those who put forward ,\"he said .
November 11 Tuesday an internet site is advertised as a news flash from the national press and then served with \"Chief doctor was beaten ,\"the news stating that the hospital staff, as they are deeply upset Dr. Booth, \"before 2 years, you may recall likewise Başhekimi'ni our hospitals and our attrition to employed persons , using the same publication had published false news in a similar manner. However, the day it was the same purpose made ​​news with our Başhekimi'ni the public immediately at the beginning relevant began work today continually hospital staff and violent patients a person is clearly seen trying to establish perception. it should be known that, so far , Dr. mature gentlemen no staff or, conversely, to show violence to leave the patient all the staff and patients day and night has always been a support. referred to in the event the anesthesiologist is not exposed to such a blow one with perjury team of people serving their personal interests . it also alleged coup , there is no forensic reports prove .
However, closed some persons engaged in different accounts behind the doors from the successful rise of our hospital , harmonious work has been disturbed by the environment and in order to achieve their objectives Anamur people and Anamur State Hospital employees the expense of the infamous all over Turkey have tried to be instrumental in making this kind of news , \"he said . Photo Anamur Turkey's provincial center is the most remote districts and in this case the public is one of the most basic needs of health right to access blocked stated that Dr. Booth , the statement continued:Photo \"This troubles we all live for many years. For many years, Anamur people for the most minor health complaints had to go to Mersin or neighboring provinces. Doctor who came did not find for years in our hospital doctor in the simplest interventions due to even impossibilities They could not . But recently , Dr. mature brain and with the team effort in Anamur State Hospital doctors and device missing was largely resolved. we have our hospital Mar, many devices lacking at the highest level , such as tomography has been addressed and continues to employ specialist doctors of all disciplines. in addition, with top-level hardware soon be over and started the countdown in our new hospital. But now we see that position of authority savvy is obvious that people were uncomfortable how this situation came Anamur State Hospital. task in Anamur, in order to reach the goal which doctors and hospitals in our treatment Turkey sees patients of all \"people who experience violence by chief \"has emerged once again as they do not hesitate to tell . Such ugly game for the sake of their position of authority to cause the fact that they will eventually go to the doctors working in Anamur Anamur Anamur and the people of the State Hospital will not be considered again had to go to the neighboring provinces of Mersin , or to receive treatment. We are going to give opportunity to those people who in different accounts in Anamur State Hospital employees and we are honored to be working with our Başhekimi'ni we would like to mention that we are behind the sharp mature . In addition , we will use all our legal rights in relation to the end of this process. \"

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