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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:14

Hospital opened in front Expectations

Hospital opened in front Expectations
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In Balıkesir , who died in a traffic accident Sındırgı Deputy Mayor Barkır Shaukat's family shed tears in front of the hospital .

Balıkesir news:
, who passed away at a young age to life Sındırgı Deputy Mayor Shaukat Barkır drowned in sorrow the death of their lovers . Shaukat who was taken to hospital seriously injured State Barkır relatives flocked to the hospital . In the morning, the news of the death of Barkır area Nurhayat mother and father burst into tears Ramadan Barker . Nurhayat Barker, \"Doctor best of us said. Tomorrow is , you can talk he said. Then the bitter news we got . Elder brother went for Hajj his return with tomorrow buried ,\"he said .
Barker's family consoling Sındırgı Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Director Salih Burak , \"Yesterday evening at 8 o'clock waters Deputy President Barkır accident we received the news . Soğuksu locality leading from the front tractor slams thrown have . oncoming vehicles vice chairman of that the car was hit . o'clock in the morning 4 after collapsed , his brain clots result we lost. SINDIRGI and head of the family to get right , \"he said .
front of the hospital UAV correspondent in a statement puddles district Headman Rasul Koksal, \"the two periods in the borough mayor who Shaukat Barker brothers , in the last election of the deputy mayor had . himself hand in an accident we lost , \"he said .
Shaukat Barkır's funeral tomorrow at noon SINDIRGI buried in was learned that .
cHAIRMAN'S FEELING FULL LINE < br/> Techniques in Iceland for a trip Sındırgı Mayor Ekrem slow , painful news received from the municipality's account on the social networking site full of emotion shared lines .


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