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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 17:07

Hospital'Solution Focused'Approach

Hospital'Solution Focused'Approach
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Dumlupınar University ( DPU), Evliya Çelebi, Training and Research Hospital, not an excuse to produce solutions for patient referrals .

Kütahya news: In this context, in terms of equipment and supplies continues to renew itself . A patient who was admitted to hospital due to mushroom poisoning , Hemo-perfusion device is not available at the hospital had been referred to . Hospital administrators who are aware of the situation , Dr. Ahmet Büber , went to procuring this equipment . Dr. Uzi Ahmet Büber Purchasing Department by giving instructions to ensure that the device went his way .
Dr. Buber , \"Our hospital supplies and equipment our shortcomings that we want to . These physicians of my friends at the request We supply . Now our patients out of the province should not go . We university hospital have to be in place bring . More new units, new clinic is opening new applications are doing. Near future Kütahya take place in surgery all can be done , \"he said .
Kütahya Public Hospitals Secretary General dr.mithat Planters ,\"Kütahya People behalf of the sensitive approach because of the hospital administrator Uz. Ahmed Buber would like to thank . hospital administrators , this sensitive approach, thanks such referrals will decrease hope . We not a problem to find a solution tasks are doing. people's health problems place to find solutions to health care access, we want to increase . already presented in the quality of services , while enhancing the new health care services to life are trying to take . province, our health base to convert , in addition to our own citizens may offer its services to the surrounding cities becoming rapidly istiyoruz.hal ready to continue to work in spite of some shortcomings that , although rare, so we all know that there have been shipped . Do not you ever referred patients . Of course we have SEVKI and tomorrow will be . But wherever possible, we will reduce this referral . Hospital administrators are aware of my lack of this device , to act immediately made ​​me happy , we are focused on solutions . Solutions , have a desire to solve problems . Praise our financial resources in place . Support our people and with the understanding with them, hand in hand , heart to heart Kütahya Health in the very things başaracağız.kütahy to our people a warning by I say unknown and make sure that mushrooms eat , \"he said . (EFA)

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