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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:57

Hospitals were filled Novice Butchers in Erzurum

Hospitals were filled Novice Butchers in Erzurum
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Eid injured in Erzurum novice butchers cutting the victim was hospitalized .

Erzurum news:
the first day of Eid novice butchers in Erzurum was at work again . Erzurum various districts , towns and villages, trying to cut their victims themselves or with a butcher cutting tool that helps citizens were injured. Palandöken district received in the reverse movement of the victim trying to cut the victim with a knife cut his hand injured Ahmet degree Paladoken cut his hand came to the hospital erected . Palandöken State Hospital and Regional Training and Research Hospital, 60 novice butcher was admitted until now .
The first day of Eid , there was still known landscapes . After the Eid prayer of the victims in the streets and alleys of the city began to cut almost turned into a bloodbath . Ignoring the warnings of citizens , instead of cutting the victim streets and chose the place . Despite the warnings of experts in the eyes of many citizens, the children of the victim was cut. Cut from the middle of the street connecting the victims of minutes of agony , the victim's skin was robbed citizens create interesting images .

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