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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:09

Hot Çermik the Water Down the Drain

Hot Çermik the Water Down the Drain
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Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Salih Ayhan, made ​​observations in Hot Çermik .

Sivas news: Photo seeing over drilling in the region Ayhan Permit and Inspection Manager with Erdogan Altunküp the MTA Drilling Camp Chef Erkan gave Ozer information . Ayhan evaluated the work done then Photo Review, \"has lost its characteristic Hot Çermik two by the filling of the well , we brought them to be completely passive . with the repair of leaks in wells at infiltration are blocked. spending on the region amounted to 250 thousand. of this amount , Hot Çermik Tourism Infrastructure Services Association ( ÇETAP ) are covered by . \"he said. Photo Hot Çermik Ayhan stressed that an intensive study period entered, \"made ​​of the facilities in the area, used by the existing public buildings and villas , to discipline the more resources you will use , we give a new drilling decisions in order to meet the thermal water needs. It we are also carrying out together with the MTA in exchange for 450 thousand Sivas Provincial Special Administration . prepared resource protection report after opening these wells , a new development planning in the region will be revised and made will be opened in front quickly for new investment. \"he said. Photo wells and then the reconstruction work Hot Çermik and Star Mountain Winter Sports and also transfers Ayhan is planned to study the construction of the tourist center road link , so save regions will accelerate even further in the development process. they want to avoid the water that is wasted in the Photo Well and wellhead of Ayhan stressed to do the renovations , \"the basic aim lies here under study, to be more sustainable thermal water and the prevention of waste. we are willing to provide that source of sustainable develop from a single center and a certain standard . Because it is not possible to never run out of natural resources. Hora is used, waste flows and all our troubles will be both the temperature and flow from the well if it opens in its own right . We have to balance scarce resources to unlimited needs. \"he said. Many investors in the Photo District and Ayhan indicating whether such a condition as to be victimized citizens resident , \"where the investors and property owners they may be comfortable with that . means the approval of resource protection report , where not to disturb anyone , then more disciplined than tidy , nor an understanding of management and consumption in the conscious perception of citizens who needs to be done is to occur . \"he said. Photo MTA Drilling Camp Chief Erkan Ozer, recalling that takes start in early November of drilling , \"Sounding is continuing at the moment 72 meters. We will do our drilling to 300 m . , resulting in approximately a month. Our hope from these wells high . Hopefully we get the result we want . \"he said .


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