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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:23

'House left the pavilion Translate'Interesting Expressions in the case

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Businessman allegedly insulted Reza Sarraf up to 2 years in jail under trial Muzaffer Arslan , was denied the accusations.

İstanbul news: Because Photo Business man when he went to receive the rent of Sarraf apartment in Kemer Country is letting conducted in bathroom renovations and garden lighting, \"have turned this place the pavilion to . I used to think her man saying\"in absentia insulting allegedly Muzaffer Arslan about 3 months to 2 years until the lawsuit was filed by imprisonment . Photo Istanbul 83. First Instance complained insulted trial before the Criminal Court businessman Reza Sarraf attended by defendants were present Muzaffer Arslan .
at the hearing Reza Sarraf working alongside Yucel Özçil'witness'rested capacity . Özçil , his brother said he had gone on events with Yüksel Arslan's next Özçil . Özçil , \"Sarraf of the complainant , had to take a deposit from the defendant Arslan . Arslan we went home to get it and realtors woman was at home . We toured the house with Realtors . Then we want to deposit money. Thereupon the defendant müşteki referring to ,'This is a made ​​like pavilion , have used quality materials, we also said remarks like these guys we thought , \"he said . Photo witness Özçil , later stating that the house leaving said Arslan you want to re-deposit\"Thereupon the defendant , who I really am alacaklıy . He Reza him come, I I know him to bring time to deflate , \"he said . also making the gesture of'woman if I say a curse was told in the form of ,\"he said . Photo hearing who did not to be called by sending communiqués and other witnesses who report no excuse for the determination of Yüksel Özçil the knowledge and experience it was decided to be forced . The hearing was adjourned .

'House left the pavilion Translate'Interesting Expressions in the case" comments for.


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