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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:17

Household Sewage Water Basan the helpless citizens

Household Sewage Water Basan the helpless citizens
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The press home the sewage water in Samsun Engine Peanut, can not get a result from the application made ​​to the council , said the prosecutor's office filed a criminal complaint as a last resort to .

Samsun news:
Ilkadim district victory District Dr. Kamil Street of a peanut Engine residing in the building's basement apartment on the 49-year-old has become available as a result of the discharge of sewage water. Not a result of a clogged drain in the rear of the building drainage systems , was leaked to the garden in front of the house for 11 months Peanut Engine . The host also includes the walls of the apartment Peanuts new built house due to leaking sewage water became 4 rooms available.
Officials seek help Peters Peanuts, \"Our garden water came out , did not know what it is. We bring crime,'sewage'they said. They manhole outside the side of the building blocked. is occluded for 11 months , we appeal to the municipality. Police are coming'will write penalty'They stonewalling . then we went to the District Governor , District also Ilkadim municipality'See the citizen's job , \"he sent a petition. They Metropolitan Municipality they crossed. Samsun Water and Sewerage Administration General Directorate ( surprised) I'm going is 15 days what from what interested . I just came an engineer ,'This is not our business , police yazsın penalty , \"he said . I went here stripped my home , damages me who to meet , we will go to whom I did not understand it. it is 11-12 months, we crawl , we're on the street , we were miserable , we're her in his house . we were surprised to where we were going , pushed the sewage water to the house , complete blew my wall. We can not stay at home , we eat our dinner outside , to whom no solution going. 50 thousand pounds, I hurt , I filed a criminal complaint , \"he said .
The Municipality of General Secretary and Deputy General Manager of the SAS Coates Jones said he did not want to make a statement on the matter.


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