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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:29

Housing with Full Speed ​​Continues in Azdavay

Housing with Full Speed ​​Continues in Azdavay
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With remarkable natural beauty Azdavay district of Kastamonu , housing problems experienced after the attention of tourism investment in recent years, commissioned by the Municipality Azdavay solved with housing .

Kastamonu news: Photo booming housing problem in recent years along with the development of the increase of the population in the district Azdavay Azdavay be solved by the Municipality of public housing projects that have implemented . That they rolled up their sleeves to find a permanent solution to the housing problem felt need in Azdavay Mayor Osman Nuri CİVELEK, gave information about the housing project made ​​in Bahçelievler district . Photo Bahçelievler neighborhood Azdavay Municipality of 7,200 square meters on a plot the project finds the TL the approximate cost 5 and a half million 72 apartments and President Civelek indicating that consist of one establishment \"made ​​by the municipality in the past months and wise and Chubby will be provided the opportunity to live with this project far out of 4 seasons in Azdavay retired he started work with the tender won by building partnerships . shortage of housing in the borough in 2015 with the completion of the project will be solved , \"he said .

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